Core Line

High-quality, portable audio recording solution.

High recording quality without the bulk

The JAVS Core Line offers an affordable, versatile, and portable audio recording solution perfect for administrative hearing rooms, boardroom meetings, portable depositions, and much more! This line of products includes all hardware and software necessary to create, manage, and review a complete, permanent record:

  • Nimble is a portable audio interface that uses a simple USB to connect to the controlling computer. Complete with a convenient carrying case, Nimble boasts mutable NimbleMics and audio visual record indication.
  • As high-quality boundary microphones, JAVS’ NimbleMics are designed to enhance Nimble with an omni-directional, configurable feather-touch pushbutton, configurable pre-amp adjustment, and programmable record status.
  • JAVS’ NoteWise is a user-friendly audio recording software solution that boasts features like speech timeline, automatic notes, post-logging, and quick notes. Not just a recording solution, NoteWise also allows you to schedule recordings, review and edit existing schedules and recordings, as well as publish the recorded media for distribution.
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