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JAVS is committed to partnering with the best integrators from around the globe in order to bring the value of our innovative systems to the world.

Our partnership principles:

JAVS is a true consultant and partner for your audio and video recording needs. We offer a turnkey solution that provides everything you need to capture a digital record.

Our best partners are those whose quality of work and dedication to customer service reflect our core mission of promoting truth and accuracy.

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What we're looking for

  • At least five (5) years experience in audio/video hardware and software installation
  • Established relationships with courts in their areas
  • A helpful, friendly, and dedicated team

What we offer

  • Excellent margins
  • Distinctive products
  • Reliable and responsive technical support
  • A fully engineered solution and product line
  • Limited number of dealers

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JAVS is rapidly expanding internationally and looking for dealers in Canada, Caribbean, Central American, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Middle East, New Zealand, and South America. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about the benefits of being a JAVS authorized dealer.

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