FlexCam - Digital Courtroom Recording Component

A custom-designed, easy-to-install compact video camera for your recording needs.

High image quality - small footprint.

This unobtrusive camera is installed with a single connector via CAT5/6 cabling. All settings are configured with a PC and automatically loaded from the JAVS stored database.

There is no need for special hardware; the FlexCamera can be mounted using standard mounting hardware. This camera can be configured to meet unique room environments with a variety of lenses to suit your needs, including auto/manual iris, zoom/fixed lens angle, and focal length.

We know image quality is important. That's why the camera offers automatic gain control and electronic exposure to improve image quality when light levels change. In addition, auto-tracking white balance maintains proper color balance for recording.

Our Team

FlexCam is specifically designed to work with our Centro A/V Processor

FlexCam Features:

  • A compact and unobtrusive size that respects the integrity of any room
  • Resolution of 480 TV lines provides sharp and clear color images for your recordings
  • Auto tracking white balance delivers proper color output in various lighting situations
  • Back light compensation improves image exposure when the background light levels are significantly different than the subject light levels
  • External syncronization allows for multiple cameras by H-sync and V-sync, and switched with an external video switcher
  • C- or CS- lens mount allows for a wide range of lens types