Digital Audio/Video Capture System

JAVS Suite 7 encompasses all of the software and hardware required for professionals to create, manage, publish, and view the complete, permanent record of typical meeting scenarios, including courtroom proceedings, business meetings, and classroom settings.

At the core of the JAVS Suite 7 is the new Centro Audio/Video Processor, an Ethernet controlled audio and video switching system capable of scaling from 8 microphone inputs and a single camera to 14 microphone inputs; 4 additional audio inputs; 8 camera inputs; 2 additional video inputs; and 6 mutable, configurable audio/video outputs.

With Centro, instead of using expensive Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras to cover each participant in the room, each person is covered via an individual microphone and camera; when a person speaks, the video automatically switches to the assigned camera. No operator is necessary to have a natural, smooth looking audio/video production.

Not only does Centro provide extra inputs for Video Conferencing, Presentation, Audio Conferencing, and Interpretation, it also provides outputs for Public Address, Remote Locations, Recording, Security, Assistive Listening or any other configurable destination.

Recorder 7, a network enabled, hardware recording appliance designed specifically for Audio/Video recording, connects directly to the Centro Audio/Video Processor and captures the live meeting in a secure, standards-based, digital multimedia file.

Built on the same hardware as Recorder 7, Review 7 is designed specifically to display high quality audio/video recordings on any VGA or Video Monitor. Once connected to a Display Source, Users can find a specific Audio/Video segment from any AutoLog 7 or ControlCenter 7 device on the network and display the A/V file through Review 7.

For those clients who don’t need the full functionality of the JAVS Server 7, MRA 7 offers the convenience of being able to login to multiple locations from a single PC.

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