JAVS World-Class Product Training

JAVS Training for AutoLog and Centro is designed to educate all levels of current and potential users of JAVS software and hardware.

Users are introduced to JAVS products and treated to a solo-driven, hands-on, intensive course which allows demonstration of JAVS equipment, and offers insight into the technical and practical ideologies gleaned from JAVS 35+ years of creating and supporting A/V systems. New users encounter fresh concepts and leave with a complete knowledge and familiarity of the capabilities, functions, and features of software and hardware comprising a JAVS system.

A technician level user will reinforce their knowledge of a JAVS system and master additional essential skills necessary for the assembly, advanced configuration, and full-scope understanding of a JAVS system.

If you purchased our solutions through our dealer network, please contact them directly for training.

JAVS Suite 7 Workshop

JAVS Academy is hosting a 5-day training workshop for any partner responsible for maintaining digital court records. The workshop covers the basics of our Premier Line products—specifically, how to optimally operate Suite 7 hardware and software to ensure the production of an accurate, accessible court record.

Activities include:

  • Blended learning in the form of self-guided instruction and face-to-face training with certified instructors
  • Group labs and discussions
  • Assignments that build toward subject mastery
  • Sharing of “Tips & Tricks”

Upon successful completion of the final assessment, you will gain Suite 7 Certification.

As a JAVS customer or partner, you can attend this workshop. Please register today and a certified instructor will contact you with additional details. Hurry, as seating is limited.

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